Active Cells is committed to develop and optimize mid-scale enzyme productions dedicated to sustainable industrial manufacturing of bulk chemicals.

Our main expertise is in industrial microbiology and fermentation technology and scaling up studies for the production of recombinant enzymes at pilot/industrial level.

Active Cells establishes itself not only as a partner for chemical and pharmaceutical companies but also as an opportunity for academic labs to develop their enzymes up to commercial scale.

Active Cells is your ideal partner in medium-small scale productions with particular attention in price to quality optimization.

Active Cells key to success in enzymes manufacturing relies on:
  • Screening and engineering strains to improve recombinant expression, stability and solubility
  • Rational design of scale up studies from shake flasks to large fermentors
  • Development of cost effective processing for large scale fermentations
  • Efficient "scale down" processes in order to maintain small/medium scale productions at a competitive price
  • Strain production for whole cell biocatalysis